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Los Angeles Sound Healer and Crystal Reiki Healing Practitioner

Hello — My name is Wayne McDonald.

I offer customized Healing Sessions for each client resulting in the ultimate balancing of Body – Mind – Spirit.  

I am a certified Sound Healer, a certified Crystal Reiki Practitioner, and a former certified massage therapist. I have over 10-years of intuitive healing experience with clients.

Each session is in a Sacred Healing Space using deep relaxation techniques that support the body’s natural healing process.

Clients can experience Sound Healing with Tibetan Singing Bowls (made with precious metals) – Or Natural Healing with Crystals and Reiki Energy – resulting in an amazing synergistic healing experience.

With every Therapeutic Healing Session, the client is always fully clothed and lying on a treatment table.

All Healing Sessions are gentle, non-invasive healing modalities that are extremely effective. All Healing Sessions work with the subtle energetic body to clear and balance the energy centers from the Top of the Head to the Bottom of the Feet.

My clients’ experience deep relaxation, an escape from all the mind chatter, and have a sense of well being.

Your body is calm and peaceful, re-energized, and balanced.

Sessions can be In-Person or highly effective Distance Healing.

No-Cost Discovery Session

Your Discovery Session is a no-cost complimentary 15-minute session online via Zoom or by Phone. Your Discovery Session is an opportunity to answer any of your questions and to find out if a Sound Healing Session or a Crystal Reiki Session is the best fit for your overall health.

Experience what Sound Healing or Crystal Reiki Healing has to offer you!
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