Card Readings Disclaimer

All information available on Website is not meant to take the place of professional services, including but not limited to medical, legal, financial, business, and/or psychological. is for entertainment only.

Each intuitive oracle card reading on by READERS either by Wayne McDonald or other intuitive oracle card readers, is an interpretation of the cards, their information, and the intuitive details received at the time of the reading session. Please remember that each individual should take what feels good and true for them out of the experience, using their own interpretation and logic. Anything that does not feel correct or appropriate should be left aside or put aside for further reflection. No guarantees or promises are made about the information provided, the effects of it, or the steps and actions taken afterward by an individual or individuals. The readings are not performing or intended as mental or physical health therapy, medical diagnosis or treatment, legal or financial advice, and do not replace professional health services, professional legal or financial services. Nor are they intended as fortune-telling or predictive sessions. Clients (receivers of intuitive reading services) understand that an intuitive oracle card reading with the READERS is a discussion involving oracle cards and intuition. The session may include or the client may experience energy shifts (physical, mental, and emotional), emotional responses, and periods of reflection during the reading and afterward. It is the client’s responsibility to take care of their own welfare, wellness, body, and mind, during and after the session. Taking time to rest and process after the session may be in the client’s best interest as well as consuming adequate water and food for their personal needs.