12 Chakra System

There have been new discussions about the expanded 12 Chakra System and with this new information has been confusion. Some of the confusion has been the names given to these added chakras, but the location and function of these chakras are the same.

This article will focus on one 12 Chakra System and the Divine Gateway to the archangels.

Traditionally, the seven chakras begin at the base of the spine with the Root Chakra and conclude at the top of the head with the Crown Chakra. [Read A Guide To The 7 Chakras

The five additional chakras include the Earth Star Chakra (below the feet) to four more chakras above the head, including the Stellar Chakra, which emphasizes a deeper spiritual and energetic alignment.

To follow are the five additional chakras.

– Earth Star Chakra – Located twelve inches below our feet and connects our energy (and all our other chakras) to the Earth. The Earth Star Chakra is our connection to Gaia and the grounding energies that sustain our physical and spiritual existence.

– Causal Chakra – Located three to four inches behind the crown chakra. responsible for the manifestation of thoughts into reality and allows a person to tap into their creative potential. The Causal Chakra is a gateway to communicating with angels, light beings, and guides and represents the expansive spiritual realm.

– Soul Star Chakra – Located about 6 inches above the crown of the head. It is believed to be the seat of our soul and assists in the expansion of consciousness beyond the physical body. And some say the Soul Star Chakra is the connection point between our individual consciousness and universal consciousness.

– Universal Chakra – Located above your Soul Star Chakra and outside of the human body. It represents the universal aspects of being. All That Is – is contained within one universal flow.

– Stellar Gateway Chakra – located approximately twelve inches above the head. This chakra is described as the gateway to the cosmos. The Stellar Gateway (also Divine Gateway) chakra is where one’s soul can commune with the universe, receiving cosmic energies and guidance.

This concludes the 12 Chakra System. To connect with the different Archangels and Master Guides it is best to return to the beginning. The next step is to balance and bring your seven chakras into harmony. Then you can do a guided meditation to Activate the 12 Chakra System.

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