Best Collection Of Meditation Music

Best Collection Of Meditation Music

A great and easy daily practice to improve your health is meditation.

The benefits of a regular 10-minute meditation practice include a calmer mind, a more relaxed body, increased focus, and mental clarity.

To follow are a few examples of meditation music on YouTube.

10-15 Minutes of Meditation Music

10-Minute Binaural Meditation Music

10-Minute Meditation Music

10-Minute Inner Peace

15-Minute Super Deep Meditation Music

15-Minute Meditation with Calm Water and Music

30 Minutes of Meditation Music

30-Minute Deep Healing Music

30-Minute Super Deep Meditation Music

30-Minute Balance & Harmony Music

30-Minute Emotional Cleanse & Cell Regeneration

Over One Hour Meditation
Set a timer for a shorter meditation

Meditation Music for Grounding

Earth Elemental Healing Music

Root Chakra I Am

The Root Chakra is the first chakra and is associated with your primal needs for survival — food, shelter, safety — and controls your relationships with money, your family, and your physical body, and how you nourish yourself. It is important to have a balanced Root Chakra to create a solid foundation for opening all

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Sacral Chakra I Feel

The Sacral Chakra is the second chakra and is responsible for our well-being, intuition, awakening our creativity, sexual pleasure, and sensuality. It maintains the healthy functioning of our bladder, kidneys, and reproductive organs. This energy center assists in letting go, accepting change, and self-transformation in life.  The Sacral Chakra governs our hips, inner thighs, and

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Solar Plexus Chakra I Can

The Solar Plexus Chakra is the third chakra, and assists us in being confident, assertive, and supports our intuition to make decisions. This chakra is responsible for our self-esteem, boundaries, and willpower. Location: Upper part of the belly Color: Yellow Element: Fire Short Affirmation – I Can Main Functions – Power, self-confidence, motivation, vitality, and

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