Can I receive distance healing 100 miles away?

Distance Crystal Healing can be done remotely to a client’s location such as home, or office, whether 100 miles away, or in another country. The client can save personal time without having to drive to the Energetic Healing Practioner’s office, and then drive back home. Another advantage is the client’s own personal surroundings. While sitting comfortably at home, at the end of the session, the client can continue in their “Energetic Healing Zone” until they are ready to end their personal self-healing.

Distance Crystal Healing is the same Crystal Reiki Healing session, without the client present. Instead, the Healing Practitioner focuses (channels) the Energetic Healing calling forth the client’s name and city or location.

Distance Healing enables the Practitioner to give a session beyond the limitations of time and space. It expands the practitioner’s ability to transmit spiritual energy beyond physical touch. Distance healings are just as effective as in-person healing session.

For the person who is still asking, “How does a Crystal Reiki Healing Practitioner do remote Distance Healing?” A common technique Energetic Healing Practitioners use is ‘The Surrogate Method’. Examples of an effective surrogate that a Healing Practitioner may use can be a doll, teddy bear, or a Proxy Board – my proxy is the image shown on the right. I usually write a Post-it with the client’s name and address (city and state), and if possible a healthy photo of the client (but not required).

Last, at the beginning of the distance session, the practitioner sets the intention that the surrogate is representing the person, animal, thing, or situation; and, proceeds with the session including using hand-positions and laying on stones on each chakra.

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