Daily Message Archangel Michael Spiritual Acceleration

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading: “Thank you, angels, for revealing to me what I need to know”.

All the roadblocks you have been facing are tumbling down. Angels are giving you the go‑ahead. Now is the time. Move forward in the knowledge that the divine is opening the way to experiences, opportunities, and connections that will help you live with purpose and live on purpose.

With all that’s happening, it’s important to stay rooted in your spiritual practice and connection with the divine, because this loving presence is the reason you are who you are today. In the speed of it all, take the time to pause, reflect, and be grateful for where you are today.

This energy of acceleration will not only catapult you into opportunities and experiences that will carry you toward success and achievement, but also take you beyond some of the people and places you once felt at home with. There’s a good chance that some people will feel left behind or unseen, so be aware that they will require tenderness and consideration. The ultimate key to growth is never to forget who you really are and where you have come from as you go further and reach higher.

Michael, “He Who Is Like God,” is considered to be “the prince of Light,” the chief of the angelic realm. He is a powerful force who has been venerated as a saint and is known as the protector of those working in services such as the police, the special forces, and the fire brigade. The divine counterpart of Faith, he is an angel of justice, alongside Raguel and Zadkiel, and comes to everyone who wants to make a difference here on Earth. Often portrayed carrying a sword or a spear, Michael is also the presence we can invoke whenever we are feeling fearful or constrained. He will cut through the ties of fear and liberate us.

DECK: The 22 Archangels Oracle
ARTIST: Jennifer Hawkyard

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