Daily Message Change and Transition

You’re going through some changes right now and you may not be enjoying them, but please be assured that they are for your highest good. Change is a natural process and we are constantly moving through different levels of development and experience so we can grow. Allow yourself to relax, knowing that the Angels are supporting you through these changes.

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer, and then keep reading:
“Thank you angels for revealing to me what I need to know!”

Change can be a challenging process, especially if you fight it. Know that you are supported at this time and that the changes really are bringing blessings into your life. You may be faced with the feeling of fear and not knowing what the next stage is, but there are plenty of doors opening and opportunities being presented to you. Allow yourself to let go and welcome the new and exciting energy life is bringing to you.

DECK: Angel Prayers Oracle
ARTIST: Jason Mccreadie

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