Daily Message El Morya

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading: “Thank you angels for revealing to me what I need to know!”

A powerful spiritual force-field of light is surrounding you at this time. It’s important to let go of any dramas or energies that aren’t serving you. Remove yourself from situations that are heavy or draining. Retreat from harsh people and places so that you can feel safe and connect with what is important to you and will lead to the ascent of your soul. You are being guided to remember that there is a powerful light within you that has the ability to teach you many lessons. In order to connect with this light, it’s important to be able to let down your defenses, and Morya and angels of light are here to help you determine who in your world has your best interests at heart and who has ulterior motives. Trust in what you know, what you feel, and, most importantly, what is being revealed to you now.

El Morya, or simply Morya, is a name that was used to protect the identity of Ranbir Singh, a spiritually aware and connected Sikh man who was born into a powerful family that ruled Kashmir, in the Indian subcontinent, in the 19th century and is said to have intervened both spiritually and physically to stop the British invasion of the region in 1845.

This wise soul is now able to help us block and remove any energy that is coming to us that is not serving our connection to God. This wise spiritual guide works closely with the angelic realms and can help us understand if something or someone is aligned to goodness and truth or not. He helps us connect to our inner teacher, the part of ourselves that has never left the heart of Source.

DECK: Divine Masters Oracle
ARTIST: Jennifer Hawkyard

“No matter what path or tradition you follow, the Divine Masters are willing to guide and support you. Call upon these beings in challenging times and they will support you through the process of healing and transformation.”
Kyle Gray

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