Dancing-Appendix A


To begin, as of February 2021 I am a young 65-year-old, gay male in a 24-year relationship. My partner was someone that I manifested into my life. That story may be told later.

Some time ago, about the age of 14, I heard the words “You Are a Healer”. Now at the time, I heard this, it was a bit startling because it was the first message I ever heard (received).

Fast forward to YEAR. I am now in my 20s and wondering what that message meant. The small self of me pictured Atlas with the world on his shoulders. I was overwhelmed with this task and felt the weight on my shoulders as to being a healer.

Then, one day I did a transformational workshop. There I met two other healers – a massage therapist and a Rolfer (deep tissue massage). I was told that all I had to do was to help one person and that my life purpose would be complete.

Those words were life-changing and lifted the weight of the world off my shoulders. Imagine, taking something as big as Mount Everest, and putting it inside a tiny box with a beautiful bow. Those words were a tiny gift that I could see, with me holding in my hand this beautiful gift.

A couple of years later I completed my training as a massage therapist and for the next seven years, I did massage work full time.

This was also the beginning of my self-exploration with meditation, affirmations, and working with guides. My greatest teachings and learnings came from Sanya Roman and all her books and cassettes (Yes! I am that old.).

Life goes on. A relationship ends when my partner passes away. I move, I close my massage business, a new career, and new relationship blossoms.  

Fast forward to YEAR. I decide it is time to get back into healing. I ponder this question on what the next healing modality will be. Eventually, I am trained and certified in Reiki.

Guides, Angels, and Other Beings

When I began my training in massage and following my work with Sanya Roman, I met my first guide Leonna. Back then I was a newbie. I met my animal guide at a two-day massage retreat. In the beginning, I knew my animal guide was a lioness. That was made very clear to me! At first, I tried to make my animal guide a lion. No! She was not having any of this – with me trying to switch between male (lion) and female (lioness). She made it quite clear she was a lioness!

As I mentioned before, I was a newbie and all I knew was I had an animal guide. Then, someone wisely asked me, “What is your animal guide’s name?” My response, “I don’t know.” Their response was “Did you ask? Most guides don’t like being called Hey-You” and I said, “I never thought of asking.”

Two years later after meeting my animal guide, I asked. She said her name was Leonna.

Since that time, I have been with Leonna for about 24-years. Yes, she has been with me from almost from the beginning when I met my current partner.

Many of my current guides I have met in the past five years. In these past years, I have read a lot of books, taken classes, and have explored many different healing modalities.

At this time of my evolution, awakening, and learning I know all my guides by name, location (left, right, front, back), and touch (or sense) when they are present.

Several of my guide’s I also know their personal history from the conversations and questions I have asked.

My ‘Support Team’ are my companions and friends. I am filled with gratitude for all their love and support, and the gifts they share.

Here is a brief list of my guides – I use the word “guides” as a loose term to be all-inclusive. To begin, imagine standing behind me – careful because it is about to get really crowded! [smile].

To my left is Leonna, and to the left of her is Archangel Michael.

To my right is Annabelle (my money guide), and to the right of her is Archangel Gabriel.

Behind me is the Three-Sisters.
(Recently I learned they are actually a group of Beings known as the Starr People).

And behind the Three-Sisters is my Master Guide A-Eon (pronounced A-On). A-Eon is also on my right about the position of 4 o’clock when I am communicating with him.

Next is my Guardian Angel, Dianne and she is on my left side about the position of 11 o’clock.

At the top position, about 12 o’clock is Archangel Raphael.

Next, at about the position of 1 o’clock is Soaring Eagle. He is a Shaman that died young in his 20s. I also met his mother who is also a Shaman that works with plants and I call her Medicine Woman. When I asked both son and mother for their names, they said it wasn’t easy to pronounce, hence, the simpler names were given.

NOTE: The concept of a NAME is something that we do on this Earth plane, and most guides and angels are recognized by their Energy Signature (their frequency).

Back to Medicine Woman. She is usually behind me at about the 7 o’clock position. In addition, I have a house plant in my bedroom, and her energy also resides in my house plant. Sitting at my desk in the bedroom, I am filled to the brim with love and joy for her presence and companionship.

And finally, there is Thomas. He is a tree I met at a retreat, and he another friend and companion that resides with my Support Team.

Overall, to most people, this seems like a lot of Beings. To me, these are my friends and Support Team. Last year in 2020 I did a 44-day meditation in the morning (6 AM every morning for 44 days!). During one of those sessions, I asked how many guides do I have? The response, 150 guides. And I get the same answer every time I ask. Obviously, I haven’t met all of them. Just imagine the work it would take to have a conversation with each one of them! Currently, I am diving in deeper with working with my angels and how to work with them to bring messages and healing to clients.


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