Dancing-Appendix E

APPENDIX E: Letter from
the Three-Sisters


We are the Three-Sisters, as we first appeared. As the Three-Sisters, our identity as three beings is actually a representation of our collective group of energy beings known as the Starr People (with two “rr-s”).

We made ourselves known to Wayne in 2018 at his request for a healing guide. It was easier to make the first contact as the Three-Sisters as one unit as a healing guide. We came in the form of Three-Sisters and took our place behind Wayne as his protectors. Other guides and angels were in place on Wayne’s left, right, and front center.

In the beginning, our identity and our role as teachers were not made known. We are from another planet and we have reached out to other energy beings on other planets to share our knowledge. With our first appearance, Wayne only knew of us as the Three-Sisters and nothing more.

Since our first contact in 2018, we have shared our identity as the Starr People and our purpose to share Quantum Healing techniques. Our first gift given to Wayne was a Shaft of Light and an Orb of light.

Over time we will reveal more and share more of our knowledge.

the Starr People

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