You have a Support Team! They are waiting for you to ASK!

The great joy of being on a Soul Journey is choice and free will. We all have a choice, and everything that “happens to us” is our own creation. That is the good news and good news (there is no bad news).

If we don’t like where life is going, then we are at choice to choose again. It also means we have free will. These two magic ingredients are the simplest ingredients you need to create a good life, or a great life, or even a fricken AWESOME LIFE!

When I asked Dianne and A-Eon (see appendices) about writing this book, I asked for an outline or a list of chapters.

What I received was a download (or channeling) of the chapters, which you have read previously in the Table of Contents.

They were most adamant about this first chapter because your guides are “itching” – waiting with great anticipation – to give you a life of infinite good.

But there is one catch. (Don’t you dislike it when there is that one catch!). Lucky for you and me, that one catch is easy – ASK!

As mentioned before, you have a choice and free will. Because of these two “clauses”, your angels and guides can not – will not, just step in. You have to ASK!

Now the question you are probably going to ask is – Ok, how many weeks-years will this take me to learn this and how many pages do I have to read to GET THIS?

Answer none.

Here is ASK! #1

Thank you, angels, for all the love, joy, and happiness in my life.

ASK! #2

Thank you, angels, for all the good and abundance in my life.
[with a nod to Louise Hay]

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