Dancing-Connect Part 2

Connect – Part 2
Your Spirit Team


I have included this chapter as only a brief introduction to connecting with your Spirit Team which is made up of angels, loved ones, spirit guides, animal spirits, nature spirits, and other energy beings.

In this chapter, I will be only sharing my personal experience with my Spirit Team because there are volumes of books dedicated to each individual spiritual being. For example, there are books about angels, books on archangels, and books describing animal guides (animal totems) from A to Z.

To begin, some people are content with developing their intuition only – and that is ok. Other people may develop their skills with angelic beings only and have no desire to connect with animal totems. Wherever you are on your spiritual path and which guides you decide to connect with is perfect for you!

As for me, I am a bit unique – which I didn’t know until 2021 and had a private session with Eddie Conner, a medium.

My gift is my challenge

My gift is my challenge. As Eddie described my channeling abilities, I can go from AM to FM to WiFi to NASA in a blink of an eye. Basically, what this means is I could be outside with nature and have a conversation with a tree (yes, a tree!) – then quickly connect with an animal guide, then to my Guardian Angel, and then all the way up to higher energy beings like the Starr People (see appendices).

Think of AM – FM – Wi-Fi – NASA as adjusting a radio dial from Earth to Heaven.

Connecting with earth energy is extending our “roots” from the bottom of our feet to the core of the earth. It is being cradled in the arms of Mother Earth, Mother Gaia. It is our connection to nature, to tree spirits, to animal spirits, and to the elements like Fire, Water, Earth, and Air. Connecting with earth energy is connecting with earthy energy.

This root energy is our connection to our ancestors and to the past before our incarnation on Earth. Connecting with earth energy keeps us grounded and our feet planted on Earth.

Connecting with the energy of Heaven is reaching into the stars and beyond. It is the vastness of the universe and our oneness with the All of the universe. Heaven energy is infinite and all-knowing. Too much heaven energy can make us spacey” and our heads in the clouds.

Now that I have described the various channels we can dial into, let me share how easy it is to connect with your Spirit Team – if you choose.

Reminder: Write in your journal.

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