Other Services

Chakra Balancing
This can be a separate session or combined with a Reiki session.

Home Clearings or Office Clearings
Energy exists all around us. Sometimes energies can linger in homes and offices. A room can feel heavy and un-inviting. This can affect the people that reside or work in these places. Energy clearings can be done on homes and offices to clear away any stale or negative energies that may be lingering. This will allow for new, positive energy to come in, providing a more peaceful, calm environment.

Guided Meditations – Individual and Group Meditations
Here are a sample of Guided Meditations for your personal growth:
* Journeys of Self-Discovery
* Working with Your Spiritual Guide
* Working with Your Financial Abundance Guide
* Working with Your Health Specialist
* Working with a Specialist Guide to:
– Write a book
– Learning music or singing
– Be more artistic

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