The 22 Archangels Oracle Cards Kyle Gray

The Archangels are a divine legion of angels who have been charged by the light of God to serve, protect, heal, and guide humanity towards wholeness. These divine Angels create a bridge between the realms and are here to support you through this lifetime.

This deck has been specially developed to work in tandem with The Angel Guide Oracle and The Divine Masters Oracle to form part of a mega-deck, or can be used as a standalone deck to help you connect with the Archangels in your daily spiritual practice and life. With encouraging messages from Michael, Raziel, Amethyst, Gabriel, and many more divine beings, you’ll be guided to:

  • Release yourself from judgment and tap into your intuition and psychic abilities.
  • Understand and embody what it means to reach a state of forgiveness, let go of * the past, and experience the miracle of the present.
  • Open your heart to the opportunities for you to love and be loved.
  • Enter a space of real transformation and move towards wholeness and healing.
  • Live with purpose and leave a legacy of healing on Earth.

Call upon the Archangels to protect, guide, and encourage you, and feel their comforting presence at your side as you journey along your spiritual path.
Call upon the Archangels to protect, guide, and encourage you, and feel their comforting presence at your side as you journey along your spiritual path.

“My prayer is that this deck will not only support you in developing a connection to the Archangelic Realm, but also help you have a deeper understanding of their gifts, their messages, and some of the history associated with these fascinating beings.” -Kyle Gray

Deck: The 22 Archangels Oracle
Artist: Jennifer Hawkyard

[A stand-alone deck or can be combined with other angel decks to create a Mega Deck]

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