Appreciation Oracle Card

This card shows a woman holding a single rose. She enjoys the scent and beauty of the single blossom. Yet around and behind her are bramble bushes. She could be focusing on these, worried that she might get caught up in their prickly branches of difficulty. Instead, she’s passing to experience the blessings of this single flower. The sun is breaking through the clouds, shining on her choice and on the tiny buds waiting to open up.

This card is telling you that you have much to be grateful for – and, like the flowering bush behind the woman on the card, there is more to come that you can’t yet see. Congratulate yourself for every moment that you choose appreciation. This decision shifts your consciousness from lack to value, and it’s guaranteed to bring more worth and richness of life to you.

I choose to see and appreciate the beauty and value around me. I increase my gratitude every day, and I am attracting even more to be grateful for.

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