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Take time to gather your thoughts and energy, because there’s a good chance that you’re experiencing a build‐up of frustration and annoyance at this time. You are a passionate, loving, and joyful being, but at the same time, you don’t want to be taken for granted or underestimated. The warrior within you wants to rise up and fight, or at least prove your skills, talents, and worth, but drawing this card indicates that right now you’re not going to be respected or heard in the way that you deserve. Angel wisdom is guiding you to retreat and compose yourself before proceeding further. So, take time to ask your angels and guides to help you compose your thoughts and your energy. Know that the divine hand of God is upon this situation and everyone involved, and there’s no need to worry about anyone’s karma but your own. Just retreat, refuel, and regain your composure.

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer, and then keep reading:
“Thank you, angels, for revealing to me what I need to know!”

This card encourages you to step into the energy of equanimity. Equanimity is a Zen‐like state in which you refrain from reacting to a situation out of fear and separation. Right now, angels of pure divine light are helping you feel guarded and guided and encouraging you to recognize that you have an incredible force of love within you.

Deck: Angel Guide Oracle
Artist: Jennifer Hawkyard

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