Daily Message Druid

Hold things together. Don’t make any sudden moves or changes. Stand strong, knowing you are where you are supposed to be.

Daily Angel Message!
Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer, and then keep reading:
“Thank you, angels, for revealing to me what I need to know!”

When the Druid card appears in a reading, you’re being guided to dig deep within and hold your station. If you’re wondering what to do next or have a sense of anxiety about what is unfolding in your life, it’s time to shift your perceptions and move back to a state of trust. Don’t change your plans or do anything drastic, just trust in the process and let everything happen as it needs to before taking any more steps. Think of a tree – it has strong roots, yet continues to grow and bear fruit. Your life will be a reflection of this.

DECK: Angels & Ancestors Oracle
ARTIST: Lily Moses

Thank you for sharing this card if it relates to you!

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