Daily Message Hathor Light Codes

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading: “Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me what I need to know”.

This is a light immersion. You are experiencing a full‑system upgrade. The infinite solar light of the Hathors is surrounding you now. This is a time of expansion and excitement. You are filled with unlimited potential. The gifts that were once in darkness are now being brought into the light. The parts of yourself that were once hidden are now being seen. Life is being restored. If you have been experiencing sluggishness or tiredness, this is now being washed away. Something ancient has awakened within and you are remembering why you are here. Welcome home to your light.

Deck: Gateway of Light Activation Oracle
Artist: Jennifer Hawkyard

When your intention is combined with the imagery of the cards and the empowering messages in the accompanying guidebook, divine wisdom is activated within.
Kyle Gray

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