Daily Message The Blue Beings

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading: “Thank you angels for revealing to me what I need to know!”

If the world feels overwhelming or intense, know that hands of light are upon you now. Take a moment to retreat to a safe place to cleanse and recharge your energy. Don’t feel guilty about it—you don’t need to be constantly in the limelight or in the service of others. This is not a time to sacrifice your own wellbeing in order to serve others. Take the time to recharge, observe, and review how you feel. This is a deeply healing time for you. You may have been on this path for a long time and experienced miraculous and healing moments, but now you are going deeper. This is about healing from the inside out. Be open to learning new information and gaining insights about your life that will bring you a deeper state of wholeness and connection with yourself. Cosmic beings are surrounding you now and are leading the way on this ever‑unfolding journey.

There are many names for these beings, such as extraterrestrials, star people, star ancestors, sky people, and more. Whatever they are called, they are divinely inspired, evolved beings existing in dimensions that we can’t even comprehend. These dimensions are alternate realities and so far in the future that these bright ones see beyond anything that troubles us now. These overseers of the cosmos are like angels in the sense that they are expressions of the divine fully connected to the heart of Source.

Star beings exist in multiple forms, and in this case appear as blue beings. They are here to transport you energetically to their healing sanctuaries so that you can be whole and healed. They come in peace, radiating the highest light and frequencies that can assist you on all levels of healing. They work on a quantum level and thus when their healing touches your life, the root cause of any dis‑ease is illuminated and completely healed.

DECK: Divine Masters Oracle
ARTIST: Jennifer Hawkyard

“No matter what path or tradition you follow, the Divine Masters are willing to guide and support you. Call upon these beings in challenging times and they will support you through the process of healing and transformation.”
Kyle Gray

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