Dancing-Connect Part 1

Connect – Part 1
Your Support Team


Some of you may have already learned how to connect with guides. May I suggest that you put those ideas on pause and be open to other ideas for connecting with guides? Sometimes what you have learned, or read, is a specific technique that may work for that guide’s energy frequency and may not necessarily be the easiest or best way to connect with other guides.


For the moment, go within and be open. Allow your guides to connect with you. To follow are guided meditations to assist with connecting to your Support Team – which is your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, and your Master Guide.

Higher Self Guided Meditation

Your Higher Self is the higher Divine aspect of you and is your connection to Universal Source.

Step-by-Step Guided Meditation

Start by disconnecting. Disconnect from your phone, and let go of any distractions.

Find a comfortable place to sit with your feet firmly planted on the ground, feeling grounded and connected to the earth.

As you are sitting, take a deep breath in, and as you breathe out, relax your shoulders – and feel your body become limber and soft.

Continue breathing with a count of IN one-two, breathe OUT one-two.

Quiet your mind, and bring your awareness inward.

Sit and close your eyes and just begin to direct your attention inward.

Bring that inner awareness up to your forehead – to the space between your eyebrows.

Continue breathing slow – calm – begin breathing into that eyebrow space.

With your eyes still closed, imagine yourself standing in front yourself.

Continue breathing slowly – IN one-two – breathe OUT one-two.

As you are gazing at yourself, become aware of yourself turning around to look back at yourself – looking between your eyebrow space.

Continue looking inward, move your eyes – or your feeling sense – down your body to your heart space.

Widen your awareness from your heart space – to witness your whole existence – from your physical body – your breath – your emotions – and your thoughts.

Hold a gentle space for everything all at once. – Be the witness. – Be the observer.

Give yourself permission to let go – to be – become the observer – without judgment – be the witness.

Sit with all those aspects of yourself – and allow everything that wants to be shown to be seen. – Holding space – witnessing – accepting.

– Pause –  

When you are ready – allow your breath to be quicker – focusing on the movement of your breath and your physical body moving in rhythm with your breath.

Begin bringing your awareness back into the room. Breathing normally.

Gently wiggling your fingers – moving your body – and opening your eyes.

Remember to write in your journal.


Guardian Angel Guided Meditation

Every person has a Guardian Angel who is assigned to you exclusively throughout your life.

Step-by-Step Guided Meditation



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