Quiet your mind and Listen!

There is more going on in your head than busy mind chatter. Within that chatter are quiet whispers with positive, loving, and supportive messages from your Spirit Team. You may not know you have a Spirit Team, but as you are reading this, your team are the ones who guided you here today.

Spirit Team

Your Spirit Team is a group of energy beings that have agreed to support you during this incarnation, Your team guides you along your path as you are learning your life lessons. Your Spirit Team is made up of angels, loved ones, spirit guides, animal spirits, nature spirits, beings from other dimensions, and other energy beings. Included in your Spirit Team is another group I describe as your Support Team.

Your Foundation

Your Support Team is your foundation for your spiritual growth and the starting point to connecting and communicating with the rest of your Spirit Team. Your Support Team includes your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, and your Master Guide. Your Support Team is quite often the first Energy Beings you are communicating with and receiving guidance from – even though you may not have known that they were supporting you.

Art of Listening

Your intuition, or your higher self, is the first step to communicating with higher vibration Beings. At the beginning of our awaking, we discover the Ego Mind, Higher Self, and Angelic Beings. As you become more conscious and aware of the messages, you are guided to awaken more and tune into a higher vibration, then again guided to the next level of higher vibration.

This process of tuning into different vibrations of energy, or higher vibrations of energy, is the path to communicating with your Support Team, and your Spirit Team. Think of it like turning a dial on the radio to find a different radio station.

You are always at choice as you open up to these higher frequencies. The lowest energy for this discussion would be the ego-mind, then your higher self, and finally your angel guide. This process of opening up is a cycle that includes Listening, Asking, Communicating, and Dialoging. This cycle is repeated many times over in your life as you open up to the next higher frequency. I describe this process as your Inner Journey or can be described as Spiritual Growth.

The True Art of Listening is knowing which voice to listen to, which for most of us, is knowing who all the players are, and who is speaking to us. The three main voices you may have heard on different occasions are your ego, higher self – or intuition, and your angel guide.

As you go through these cycles in your life, you are dancing up the staircase to heaven – or to that place of higher vibration and knowing. Although I describe these repeated cycles of communicating and listening as an awakening, it is actually remembering our previous lifetimes which is our soul journey.


To begin sorting out these three voices, find a quiet and comfortable place to sit. Close your eyes and take a calm, gentle breath in. Continue breathing, quieting your mind, and find the stillness within.

If you’re lucky, that stillness lasted only 10 seconds! That inner voice that sounds familiar is probably your ego. You can easily recognize the ego-mind because it is overly chatty, very bossy, fearful, and critical like a teacher or a parent. The ego is impatient and has a false sense of urgency, and most often makes us feel small and afraid.

Many people dislike their ego-mind because it is critical, judgmental, and negative. However, we must remember the ego-mind is only a lower vibration that behaves and interacts with us, and it is US! We must learn to love our ego because our ego does have our best interest at heart, which is keeping us safe and protected. It is not bad or evil, not even when it seems to be lying to us or trying to trick us. This is the same with a child that misbehaves. The child simply doesn’t know any better and only reacts to what they don’t understand. We learn not to be over critical with children and to love them unconditionally.

The same is true with our ego. We must learn to be friends with our ego and to love our ego unconditionally – because it is an aspect of ourselves. As we learn to love all aspects of ourselves, and all the people and other beings on our planet, we are raising our vibration. This cycle of raising our vibration in body, mind, and spirit also raises the vibration of Planet Earth.

VOICE TWO – HIGHER SELF                                     

Another voice you probably have heard before is quiet, gentle, and loving. This inner voice sounds softer and more loving, and I call it your true voice. It is Spirit speaking to you, and it is your intuition or Higher Self.

Your true voice is more of a feeling in your stomach or your heart, rather than an actual voice. It has a calming energy that is wise, and when we listen to that voice there is an inner knowing with the words we hear. I describe this in inner knowing as Truth – because it feels true – either in your gut or in your heart.

To help you to sort out the ego chatter from the intuitive higher self-guidance is to simply listen for these qualities.

Logic – The ego is all about the brain, overthinking, and uses logic. Arguing with the logical ego-mind is a fool’s journey that always ends with no answers and your only result is a debate in your head. You can easily hear your ego’s logic because it is in the past, and has no logic in the present.

Ego message: You need to do the same thing as Mary because it worked for her.

Scarcity – The ego believes in lack and scarcity. The ego pushes us to compete, and believes to gain anything in our life, someone else has to lose. The ego divides us into either winners and losers, or rich and poor. The flip side of this is the intuitive higher self that only knows abundance and unlimited good from the universe.
Ego message: You have to cheat the system to get ahead in life.

Fear – The ego comes from a place of fear. It only shows you the worst-case scenario, or it makes you feel anxious about unknown events in the future. When you listen to your higher self. It speaks only of love and positive encouragement.

Ego message: Remember when John tried this and he had a nervous breakdown.

Judgment – The ego-mind compares us to others, speaks with judgment, and makes us feel like a bad person. Your intuitive higher self voice is always loving and respectful.

Ego message: There is no way you can get a raise because Tony has more imagination than you.

Justification – The ego has a long list of reasons why its decision is the best. Our intuition simply says, “No” and doesn’t have a need to explain itself.

Ego message: Buying this time-share is a great investment. I can rent it out during the off-season and make some extra cash, and I can invite the in-laws to stay during the holidays, and it will be a great place to retire ten years from now.

External – The ego searches outside of ourselves to find happiness. The ego wants status and money – materialistic objects, success, and attention to make us feel good. Our higher self finds happiness inside.

Ego message: If I had a newer car I would have more friends.


Angelic Beings are the heart and mind of God. The angelic being speaking to you is probably your Guardian Angel, which has been, always will be, with you in this lifetime. There may be other guides speaking to you, for example, your Master Guide.

If you are a beginner with guides, all you have to do repeat the CYCLE LACD – Listen, ASK!, Communicate, and Dialog with your guides.

REMINDER: Write in your journal.

 As you go through the LACD cycle, your vibration is raised. Over time you will learn how to tune into different frequencies to connect with different members of your Spirit Team. For example, after connecting with your Guardian Angel, you may connect with one of the Archangels – these beings work with everyone and are not assigned to one person.


Once you begin to understand the players: Voice One – The Ego Mind which is judgmental and critical; Voice Two – The Higher Self which is wise and is that inner knowing from your heart, or gut, and; Voice Three – The Angel Guide who is loving and speaks with encouragement – you can now choose which voice you want to communicate with.

As you practice conscious listening you will very quickly recognize your ego-mind and probably decide not to waste your time with that energy frequency. Anytime ego-mind starts to chatter, remember to say ‘thank you for sharing’ and then find another being to chat with that has a higher vibration.

Support Team

As mentioned before, your Support Team is your Higher Self, your Guardian Angel, and your Master Guide. This support team has your best interest at heart for your spiritual growth.

Higher Self

Your Higher Self is the one-self – your True Self. It is the soul consciousness, the higher Divine aspect of you, and is your connection to Universal Source.

The Higher Self is quiet, gentle, and loving. It guides you with intuition and teaches you through insight.

The sense I have with my Support Team is the Higher Self works with your Guardian Angel. And, although your Guardian Angel is a higher vibration, it may seem like your Higher Self blends into your Guardian Angel. At the beginning of working with guides, you may think you are communicating with your Higher Self, while you are actually communicating with your Guardian Angel. Over time, you will be able to differentiate between them both. An easy way to know who is answering is to ask. For now, do not get bogged down with details. If the voice is loving and supportive, then you can assume it is your Higher Self or Guardian Angel, and simply say thank you.

Guardian Angel

All Angelic Beings are ready and waiting to assist you. Because of the “Law of Free Will” angels can not help you until you give permission. To do this is to ASK! A simple way to ask is to say, “Thank you, angels, for your guidance and support.”

Every person has one Guardian Angel, sometimes two, Your Guardian Angel is assigned to you exclusively and is here to protect and guide you. Your Guardian Angel is with you throughout your life.

Master Guide

Your Master Guide has been with you many lifetimes and is usually a member of your soul family. Your Master Guide works with your Guardian Angel. Think of your Master Guide as the manager that heads up your support team.

Your Master Guide is all about ACTION! And, teaches you soul lessons and inspires you to fulfill your destiny. 

Your Master Guide is the highest vibration in your support team. Although there are other beings with higher vibrations like archangels, you will know or sense your Master Guide presence. Personally, my Master Guide feels (appears) very tall and very in-your-face, or almost pushy!

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