Intuition and Downloads

Hearing high‐pitched noises, seeing flickers of light, and having the sense that beings are visiting you in your sleep are all signs that you are receiving “downloads” from heaven. When you draw this card, your angels want you to know that the feelings you are having and the intuitive urges that you have been feeling are divinely inspired. If you feel that you’ve been having psychic insights into a particular situation and have been wondering if you can trust them, this card is reassuring you that they are indeed correct. This is a time when you are able to see, hear, and feel beyond the human senses. Your intuition is becoming stronger and you are in touch with angels, guides, and other divine beings who are encouraging your growth and connection to the universe.

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer, and then keep reading:
“Thank you, angels, for revealing to me what I need to know!”

You are a lightworker. This means that you have the capacity to bring light to the Earth through your presence and purpose. Even though you may feel sensitive and overwhelmed, know that your gifts are stronger now and your psychic muscles are moving. You are being encouraged to look beyond what your physical eyes are showing you.

You may want to use what you pick up to plan ahead. If so, it’s important to keep your mind and energy focused on the best possible outcome. Be aware of signs and symbols showing up at this time—your angels are sending you important messages that will help you move forward in your life. Call upon them to help you connect deeply with the spiritual vision that is opening up within you.

Deck: Angel Guide Oracle
Artist: Jennifer Hawkyard

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