What will I experience during a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

A Crystal Reiki Healing session can be in-house at the practitioner’s office or home, and appointments can be set for 1-hour or for 90-minutes. With every in-person session, the client is always fully clothed and lying on a treatment table or sitting comfortably supported in a chair. As the client is receiving, the practitioner lightly places crystals on the client’s chakras (seven energy centers of the body).

Before the treatment, the practitioner discusses the placement of the stones and ask the client for permission. In addition, hand placements are used during treatment with the hands hovering above the body about two inches from the top of the head to the bottom of the feet.

Clients usually ask, “What will I experience or feel in a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?” In some ways, there is no typical answer to this question. Each Crystal Reiki Healing treatment is as unique as each client. Some clients have said, “I feel very refreshed and seem to be thinking more clearly.” “I think I fell asleep.” “I feel more relaxed than even after a massage.” “My headache is gone.” or my favorite response was, “That’s weird, I feel energized and relaxed at the same time.”

For me personally, I am more receptive to healing energy whether it is Acucupunture or Reiki, and I completely relax into the moment and fall asleep.

Overall, clients are either awake and present, or they fall asleep with nothing to report. In both cases, the experience was exactly as it was needed to be and in both cases the healing session was successful.

Typically, the crystal energy is still “flowing” hours, and even days after the conclusion of a session. For that reason, make sure that you are gentle with yourself moving forward. If you need to take a little more time than usual to be alone with yourself, do so. If you need to be with nature more or perform acts of self-care – do so. This may be a good time to journal and write down your experience. Journaling is always a good idea to see how you are progressing with your own personal healing.

Last, if you feel emotions are coming up – allow them to come up to be healed and make sure you are getting support and TLC if you need it.

Staying hydrated can help you process your emotions and the energy that your body is clearing.

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