Dancing-Appendix C

Letter from Dianne


I am Dianne. I am Wayne’s Guardian Angel.

I made myself seen back in 2017 on Easter Sunday.

Wayne had awaken to higher vibrations and was ready to work with other Beings.

I have always been here with Wayne on his life journey. In 1997 Wayne’s Heart Energy was open to a higher vibration. Together we are communicating and learning. I am here for guidance and support.

I am the Heart Energy of Love and Nurturing. I support A-Eon in this new awakening and for guidance as we begin this journey of writing books.

I am one of many Beings of Support. I walk with Wayne on his left side, holding his left hand. Annabelle is on his right side, holding his right hand.

We provide Love, Confidence, Support (with our words and our presence), and Guidance.

Together, all of us are the ‘Support Team’. We surround and support Wayne in his everyday life.


Sixteen Major Archangels – Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

It is easy to connect and work with the Sixteen Major Archangels. The following list of archangels is from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray. From the list of sixteen archangels, you can choose one archangel that calls to you. Or you can write the numbers 1 to 16 on separate pieces of

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High Vibes

High Vibes are words that can shift your energy – your current “state of being” (vibration) to a higher vibration. These words that shift your state of being are called “Qualities of Being”. Each morning, before starting your day, pick three Qualities of Being, you would like to experience in your day. Like Attracts Like

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What is a Crystal Reiki Healing Session?

Every Crystal Healing session is different for each client, depending on their current overall health and the goals for each healing session. Crystal Healing is a non-invasive complementary therapy that supports the body’s natural healing process. Crystal Energy Healing is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Each healing session allows

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