Root Chakra I Am

The Root Chakra is the first chakra and is associated with your primal needs for survival — food, shelter, safety — and controls your relationships with money, your family, and your physical body, and how you nourish yourself.

It is important to have a balanced Root Chakra to create a solid foundation for opening all the other six chakras. When the Root Chakra is balanced, a person experiences stability, confidence, energy, and strength.

Location: Base of the spine

Color: Red

Element: Earth

Short Affirmation – I Am

Main Functions – Grounding, Stability, Security, Safety, Survival

Areas of the Body – Bones (skeletal structure), teeth, bladder, kidneys, colon/large intestine, lower back, blood, feet, and legs

Associated with:

• Security, safety

• Survival

• Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)

• Physicality, physical identity, and aspects of self

• Grounding

• Support and foundation for living our lives

When the Root Chakra is balanced, we feel grounded, stable, confident, and strong in the world. Conversely, an imbalanced Root Chakra can lead to feelings of insecurity, anxiety, stress, and a loss of personal bearings.

The energies of the Root Chakra help in recognizing our strong connection to the earth. It keeps us rooted to our inner self and spreads positivity and happiness in our life. It relates to our basic, primal needs of survival, stability, and support, and represents the structure of our body, bones, flesh, and skin. Therefore, proper regulation of the earth element is very important for good health.

Root Chakra Color – Red

The Root Chakra is surrounded by the element earth, so it reflects the color deep red. The Root Chakra color symbolizes primal instincts of strength and vitality. The red color is also linked to our physical and emotional needs for survival and self-preservation.

Root Chakra Symbol

The Root Chakra symbol is a four-petalled lotus flower consisting of a square, an inverted triangle, and the seed mantra symbol in the center. 

The four petals of the lotus flower are believed to represent the four earthly elements i.e earth, water, fire, and air. Together, they unite to form the physical world.

Benefits of Grounding Yourself

The Root Chakra is your foundation. Finding the right crystal [example: Black Tourmaline] can ground/connect you for good health and well-being because it allows a positive and stable flow of the earth energy to nurture your physical, mental, and emotional bodies. Plus, it keeps you in the present moment and not flighty, like floating in the clouds.

How to Balance the Root Chakra

Chakras may be described as underactive or overactive but are never blocked.

The root chakra is the foundation of the entire chakra system, and promoting root chakra healing can have a powerful impact on your overall health. Without a strong foundation, no other chakra can be completely balanced until the root chakra is balanced.

There are a variety of practices that can balance your chakras. The goal is always to restore your chakras for overall health and well-being.

Self-Care Practices

• Yoga

• Guided Meditation

• Crystals

• Essential Oils

• Positive Affirmations

Complementary Therapies

• Acupuncture

• Massage

• Reiki

• Crystal Reiki

• Sound Healing

Root Chakra Crystals – Black or Red

Red Stones include Red Jasper, Garnet, and Bloodstone (dark green with red spots).

Black Stones are excellent for grounding you down through the legs to the earth. Suggested stones: Black Tourmaline (best), Hematite (natural, non-magnetic), Smoky Quartz (gentle), and Shungite.

Root Chakra Affirmations

Repeat these affirmations for positive vibrations and to bring balance to your root chakra.

• I am safe and protected.

• My body is healthy and strong.

• I am financially secure.

• I am worthy.

• I am grounded and nourished by Mother Earth.

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