Daily Message Gaia Gateway Activation

Take a deep breath, let it out slowly, say this prayer and then keep reading: “Thank you, Universe, for revealing to me what I need to know”.

Sometimes it is not our role to know how everything will unfold. When you draw this card, it’s a reminder to trust the plan. The wisdom of Gaia is with you at this time and you can enjoy the natural expansion that is taking place. You may have a tendency to go traveling and look to the stars for answers, but realize that the planet you call home has much to offer too. You have chosen to be here. This may not be easy to accept, especially if your current reality is a harsh one, but your current experiences are vital for your growth. The Earth herself cannot escape the challenges that she is facing at this time. Learn from her strength, learn from her yearning for a better future. Come back to her – she is your chosen home.

The Gaia Gateway is the chakra that connects us directly with the mind and intelligence of Mother Earth. This chakra is not very well known, but is now being acknowledged as one of the key energetic spaces we can connect with to activate the ascension process. For many years, ascension has been thought of as moving beyond the limitations of the body and transcending the physical realm, but it is in fact the process of becoming present in the body in full awareness of the spirit within.

The Gaia Gateway is found below our feet, under the Earth Star chakra, but when we’re connecting to it, it’s best to imagine it in the center of the Earth. The best way to describe it is as a wormhole or portal in the center of the Earth that allows us to connect directly with the non‑physical intelligence of Gaia, the spiritual presence of planet Earth. The Earth is a highly spiritual, intelligent, aware being. She has lived through many challenges and experiences that have led her to where she is today. No matter what has been served up to her or how many of us have mistreated her, she has found a way to survive and thrive.

Visualize yourself sending deep roots into the center of the Earth. When you get as far as you can go, a portal will open up and connect you with the matrix of Gaia’s wisdom. Be open to receiving a direct transmission from her.

Deck: Gateway of Light Activation Oracle
Artist: Jennifer Hawkyard

When your intention is combined with the imagery of the cards and the empowering messages in the accompanying guidebook, divine wisdom is activated within.
Kyle Gray

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