Sixteen Major Archangels – Angel Prayers Oracle Cards

It is easy to connect and work with the Sixteen Major Archangels. The following list of archangels is from the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray.

From the list of sixteen archangels, you can choose one archangel that calls to you. Or you can write the numbers 1 to 16 on separate pieces of paper, shuffle the sixteen pieces of paper, then randomly pick one number to reveal which archangel is ready to work with you.

From the Guidebook “Angel Prayers by Kyle Gray”.

  • Spread the cards out [or the sheets of paper 1 to 16] in front of you and place your hands on top of them.
  • In your mind or out loud (whatever feels best), say this prayer:
    ‘Thank you Angels for revealing to me what I need to know!’
  • Then pick your cards.

It is best to meditate and connect with one archangel for at least seven days. Begin each session with the above phrase:
‘Thank you [Archangel Michael] for revealing to me what I need to know!’

In addition, repeat the affirmation with your archangel to strengthen your connection.

Last, this is a great time to create an Angel Journal. Each day write in your Angel Journal the day and date that you meditate. Write down any messages, images, colors, symbols, words, body sensations, taste, smells, etc. Angels will find away to connect and send you messages. After saying, ‘Thank you [Archangel Michael] for revealing to me what I need to know!’ – wait, then you can ask for a color, image, or symbol. Communicating with angels and guides is easy. Be patient and allow the information to come to you. Over time you will be able to connect with your angels and guides quickly and easily.

16 Archangels
From the Angel Prayers Oracle Cards by Kyle Gray
[for more information click on the name of the archangels.]

The Four Major Archangels

Archangel Michael – You Are Protected
Thank you Michael for surrounding me with your protective light.

Archangel Raphael – The Divine Physician
Thank you Raphael for shining your divine light upon my healthy body.

Archangel Gabriel – Speak Your Truth
Thank you Gabriel for helping me to speak with integrity.

Archangel Uriel – Shine Your Light
Thank you Uriel for helping me to share my light with the world!

The Transformation Angels

Archangel Orion – Manifesting Miracles
Thank you Orion for manifesting your miracles in my world!

Archangel Azrael – Change and Transition
Thank you Azrael for leading me safely through this change.

Archangel Zadkiel – Transformation
Thank you Zadkiel for supporting me to transform from my past challenges.

Archangel Jeremiel – The Miracle of Forgiveness
Thank you Thank you Jeremiel for helping me understand the process of forgiveness.

The Angels of the Heart

Archangel Jophiel – Honour Your Beauty
Thank you Jophiel for helping me discover my inner and outer beauty.

Archangel Haniel – Honour Your Feelings
Thank you Haniel for supporting me as I honour my emotions.

Archangel Raguel – Peace and Harmony
Thank you Raguel for surrounding my life in a harmonious light.

Archangel Chamuel – Open Your Heart
Thank you Chamuel for removing the barriers around my heart.

The Spiritual Warrior Angels

Archangel Ariel – Peaceful Warrior
Thank you Ariel for helping me stand my ground with peace!

Archangel Sandalphon – The Miracle of Prayer
Thank you Thank you Sandalphon for delivering my prayers to Heaven.

Archangel Metatron – Clear Your Vibes
Thank you Metatron for clearing my energy field.

Archangel Raziel – Spiritual Gifts
Thank you Raziel for helping me channel my gifts and talents.

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